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With 4.8 billion users, Social Media is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy, with advertisers seeing 49% of users go on to make purchases.

So whether you’re looking to drive targeted leads through social media advertising, or raise your brand profile, our social media advertising services help you reach your objective.

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Our Social Media Advertising Services

Basic Package

Our basic package includes everything you need to get your Social Media campaign generating leads.

Strategic Planning
Up to 8 Ad Campaigns
3 Advert Creatives and Copy
Dynamic Ad Testing
Audience Segmentation
Landing Page
Retargeting Pixel Set Up
Account Manager
Performance Report
Consultation Call

Monthly Fee: £750 or 10% of Ad Spend
Set-Up Fee: £500*

*Set Up fee not applicable to campaigns of 6 months or more.

Full Service Package

Our full-service package includes upgrades on the Basic Package plus lead Nurturing automations.

Multi-Platform Campaigns
Up to 12 Ad Campaigns
6 Advert Creatives and Copy
Audience Segmentation
Multiple Landing Pages
A/B Split Testing
Sales Funnel Automations
Event Trigger Management
Lead Capture and Nurturing
Client Bookings

Monthly Fee: £1750 or 10% of Ad Spend
Set-Up Fee: £975*

*Set Up fee not applicable to campaigns of 6 months or more.

You’re 3 Steps Away From More Leads

Step 1. Book a Call Today

If your business need more leads, or your current Ad campaign needs optimizing, it’s time to talk to the experts.

Step 2. Tailored Ad Campaigns

During our discovery call, tell us your goals and ambitions, and we will deliver an Ad campaign to make it reality.

Step 3. Lead Generation

Our Ad Managers will get to work turning creating high converting Ads. While you stay focused on running your business.

Benefits Of Paid Social Ads

Instant Impact

Get immediate traffic and lead generation with paid Social Advertising. No need to wait for algorithms to rank organic content.

Audience Segmentation

Split test audience profiles to find the best converting groups. Allowing us to optimize Ad creatives as a single variable.


Show ads to users who’ve previously interacted with your brand online, raising conversion rates and brand engagement.

Build Trust

Customers need time. Social ad campaigns engage with prospective clients bringing them into your ecosystem.

How Ad Campaigns Work

Advert Creation

We design multiple high-converting visual adverts with compelling copy and a strong offer.

Audience Targeting

We create multiple ‘Ad-Sets’ using our proven strategies to test Demographic, Geographic, and Interest groups.

Budget Criteria

Daily limit budgets are allocated, allowing us to gather enough data to find the most effective Ad-Sets.

Campaign Launch

We launch the campaign and monitor results closely, analysing the results for high and low performance.   

Optimize for ROI

Finally, we fine tune the campaign, running with the best performing return on ad spend. Continually fine tuning to improve ROI.

4.8 billion

Active Social Media Users


Users Follow a Business on Social


Users Purchase Via Targeted Ads

Which Social Media Platform?

We can advise you which social media platform will reach more of target audience, delivery the best possible return on your ad spend.


With over 2.8 billion active users, Facebook offers extensive reach and advanced targeting options. Appeals to a wide age range from millennials up, making it suitable for various products and services.

Advanced User Targeting. Supports video, image, carousel, slideshow, and collection ads.


Instagram is a visually focused platform with over a billion users, popular among younger demographics. Ideal for brands with strong visual aesthetics.

Story and Reel Ads offer immersive, full-screen ads that appear between users’ Stories or Reels. Allows direct product promotion and sales through shoppable posts.


A professional networking platform ideal for B2B marketing to decision-makers. Promote your content directly within the news feed of your prospective clients.

Lead Generation Forms: Collects high-quality leads with pre-filled forms. Audience Match targets users that match your existing customers, and website visitors.

X (Twitter)

X is a real-time conversation platform, suitable for brands looking to engage in public discussion and trending topics.

Promoted Tweets increase reach to a broader audience. Trend Takeovers allows brands to appear at the top of Twitter’s trending topics. Keyword and Hashtag Targeting promotes content to users based on the keywords and hashtags they use.


The multimedia messaging app is extremely popular among younger audiences, offering innovative ad formats.

Snap Ads are full-screen video ads that appear between friends’ stories. Story Ads can be used by Brands to tell their story using photos or videos.


TikTok appeals predominantly to Gen Z and young millennials.
In-Feed Ads appear on the user’s “For You” page, seamlessly integrating with user-generated content. Branded Hashtag Challenges encourages user participation and content creation around a branded theme. While Branded Effects allows users to interact with brand-specific effects and filters.

Unsure where to go from here?

No problem…just book an informal 15 minute call with us, and we can advise you on the most effective marketing strategies for your business
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