Client: Left Bank Brasserie

Industry: Food and Drink

Location: Multiple Locations in California, USA

Services: French Cuisine, Catering Services, Event Hosting

Left Bank Brasserie is a small chain of restaurants specializing in authentic French cuisine, offering up-market dining with multiple locations.

Client Goals and Ambitions

  • Increase bookings and footfall across each location
  • Raise their online in organic search
  • Improve their reputation in Customer Reviews
  • Promote high-ticket set menu dinning experiences


Over 12 months


Organic Traffic Increase


Customer Reviews


Increase in Foot Traffic

Up 0.6 Stars

Google Review Rating

Our Strategy

Local SEO Optimization: Optimized Google My Business profiles for each restaurant location, including accurate NAP details, operational hours, services and description.

Implemented schema markup to provide search engines detailed information about their menu, services, locations, and customer reviews.

Content Creation: Optimized website to include on page Local SEO terms. Built a page for each location included map references. Increased the density of high-search, low-competition keywords related to French cuisine and dining.

Improve visibility and engagement of high-ticket fixed price menu option, including wine tasting add-on. Removed thin content and low quality pages.

Backlink Strategy: Built valuable backlinks from food blogs, local event pages, and restaurant directories, improving domain authority and online presence.

User Experience: Optimized website to be mobile-responsive, with a fast page load time. Simplified navigation and to improve the user experience and decrease bounce rates.

Reputation Management: Implemented a QR Code system to encourage Customer Reviews while still on site. Used automations to monitoring, and intervene with average or low customer reviews. Collected customer contact details to run follow-up SMS outreach campaign.

Campaign Results

Increased Foot Traffic: 43% increase in customer visits across all of its locations across a six month period.
Organic Search: 124% increase in organic search traffic, over 12 months. Focus on menu pages and locations.
Backlinks: Over 150 new backlinks, including DA80+ Huff Post, SF Gate, Eater, The Culture Trip.
Customer Reviews: Average Customer Review score increased from 3.8 to 4.4. 665 new Customer Reviews.
left bank brasserie chart