B2B Email Marketing Case Study

Construction: Interiors and Kitchens

Company Name: Requested Anonymity
Size: 27 Employees
Location: Northampton UK

B2B Email Marketing
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About the Client

Our client specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of custom built commercial interiors, kitchens, service bars and office receptions. Their market includes independent hotels, hospitality venues, schools, and office buildings.

Project Goal

The client was dependent on a design house for ‘installation’ referral work and wanted to build their own customer base to make the most of their in-house design capability. They had no direct business when we started the campaign, and needed a direct marketing strategy to avoid disrupting their existing relationships. Direct email outreach was the obvious choice.


Target Audience: Facilities Managers and Managing Directors operating within the independent commercial interiors and kitchens sector. This included privately owned hotels, hospitality, and catering companies, and large scale office facilities.

Data Source: We used our in-house software tools to identify and collate prospects based on geographic location, company revenue, number of employees, and sub-sector of catering and hospitality. All contact data was cleansed, and emails verified to increase delivery rates to 97%.

Email Campaign

Our copywriting team drafted four emails, focusing on the company’s in-house design and installation capabilities, offering a one-stop shop solution, avoiding unnecessary delays, material planning waste and outsourced project management costs. The campaign included a PDF portfolio showing previous installations, this PDF contained a tracking link to monitor click-through. The call to action was a preliminary qualifying zoom call, followed by a free on-site consultation, and cost proposal.

A/B Testing: Split testing for subject lines, email body content, and calls to action to optimise open and response rates.

Follow-Up Sequence: This simple 2-step sequence was followed up with a free face to face zoom project consultation.

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Managing Director’s Comments

“When we first considered using a lead generation service I have to admit I had my reservations. But in hindsight the targets were realistic, and overall the whole process exceeded our expectations. Our order book is full, so we have temporarily paused our outreach, and now have Switch Jam working on our website’s SEO”

Campaign Results

Booking Rate: 2,000 email sent per month, 1.2% booking rate for the demo consultation
Campaign ROI: Accounting for the cost of our campaign, and the average gross profit achieved from sales, and the clients booking demo conversion rate, the campaign achieves ROI of 681%.
Average Sale Value: Booking rates were relatively low in this project due to the average high ticket value of £50,000.

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