Commercial Interiors

Company: Commercial Interiors and Kitchens

Market: B2B Design and Installation

Company Size: 27 Employees

Most of our client’s business was awarded via a 3rd party design house, and they just fulfilled the installation. This led to missed opportunities in the design and consultation aspects of the job, improving the average price per job to £50,000.

Customer Goal

The goal was to transition away and build a direct customer base, effectively removing the ‘middleman’.

Initial Budget: £2,500 per month




Campaign ROI


Email Open Rate


Demos Booked Per Month


Click Through Rate

Our Strategy

Given our client was attempting to move business away from their current third-party supplier, the promotion of our client’s services had to be very targeted and discreet. This ruled out Events Management and Industry Wide advertising.

We also had the challenge of finding prospects who were ready to invest in this level of installation. The target market was private hotels, offices, hospitality, and schools. It was clear this was going to be a high cost of client acquisition, but also a very high average client sale value of around £50,000.


We used our in-house database tool to scrape LinkedIn to find our ideal target customer. We can search by location, company revenue, company staff, industry, and we included various keywords related to hospitality, buffet, canteen, commercia kitchen etc… We then filtered it down to identify the decision maker, which in this was a broad collection of job titles including Facilities Manager, Commercial Director, Managing Director. We found verified contact details including email address and LinkedIn profile URL.  


By using a combination of direct email marketing, and targeted LinkedIn advertising we would be able to communicate directly with the target prospects without the general market having visibility.

The goal was to create a custom landing page that would build trust and demonstrate some design elements. However, the goal was to quickly transition from landing to booking a consultation meeting, as quickly as possible.

LinkedIn Ads + Network

We Designed 6 LinkedIn Ads and began running them to specifically to the prospect list. The goal was to raise awareness of our client and provide a visual of the work they can do. We opted to pay per click, with each click leading to the landing page.

Landing Page

The landing page contained the 8 key aspects of a high converting page, along with a digital brochure, a short video, and three customer case studies. The call to action was for a Free Consultation, and project review. This made for a low risk, no cost, no obligation outcome, removing any barriers.

Email Campaign

After 30 days of running LinkedIn Ads, we started sending 1,000 emails per month to our prospect list. We performed 4 split tests, to find the best configuration, so 250 prospects per test. The email copy was not salesy, we simply offered a link to the landing page to see the brochure. We tracked clicks to identify potential leads. The campaign open rate was 52% and a 23% click through rate. That’s 119 prospects showing interest.

A follow up email was sent 5 days later asking for interest in booking a demo consultation.

Campaign Results

Booking Rate: 1,000 email sent, 1.2% booking rate for the demo consultation
Campaign ROI: Accounting for the cost of our campaign, and the average gross profit achieved from sales, and the clients booking demo conversion rate, the campaign achieves ROI of 681%.
Average Sale Value: Booking rates were relatively low in this project due to the average high ticket value of £50,000.

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