Case Study: Tax Credit Services

Tax Credit Services

Company: R&D Tax Credits

Market: B2B Financial Service

Company Size: 6 Employees

Our client offers an R&D Tax Credit service where they offer to investigate and process Tax Credit claims for business in relation to R&D expenses. They offer a no win, no fee service.

The average client value was high, on average £5,000-£10,000 per client.

Customer Goal

The client currently uses Google PPC Ads but feel their client acquisition cost is too high. Managing the PPC campaign is also becoming a problem and wish to pass the process to an agency.

Audit and optimize Google PPC Ads Campaign to reduce CPA and take over management.

Initial Budget: £1,500 per month.




CPC Reduced


Landing Page Conversions


CPA Reduced

1.7 up to 6.2

Leads Per Month

Our Strategy

Offering a no win, no fee services allow for a strong call to action, so we know digital advertising would work well. Plus, R&D Tax Credit services are relatively specialist services. Meaning people will go to Google and search for information or services providers, making Google Search Ads a great place to promote the business. SEO was also in our mind, as well as B2B Email marketing.

Google Ads Audit

There was a single Campaign running with one Ad. Before we made any changes to the structure we audited each aspect of the existing Campaign.

Keywords: The account extensively used broad match keywords related to “R&D Tax Credits,” leading to ads being triggered for irrelevant searches. This dilutes the ad spend and attracts low-intent clicks.

We added Exact Match Keywords for example ”R&D Tax Credit Consultants UK”, “How to claim R&D Tax Credits in UK”.

We audited the entire Search Keywords list, adding irrelevant terms to a negative keyword list.

Schedule: Ads were running 24/7 which can lead to clicks happening outside of business hours. This often results in clicks that fail to result in landing page CTAs. We switched the schedule 08:30-17:30, Mon-Fri.

Location: This was a UK targeted Campaign. Some areas of the country have concentrations of Tech or Engineering businesses, that invest heavily in R&D. We decided we could break the Campaign into Regional Ads Sets. We added London, Manchester, and Cambridge to test the theory.

Ads Extensions: Were not being fully utilized. We added “Free Consultation”, “No Win No Fee”, and “Tax Credit Calculator”.

Ad Copy: Ad Copy didn’t follow best practices. We updated it to incorporate keywords, include a phrase to create an emotional response, include brand name, and a clear CTA.


CPC Results: The Cost Per Click was reduced from £5.42 down to £2.74, a reduction of 49%.

CPA Performance: Remained weak due to the traffic being sent to a standard service page on the client’s website. The page was converting at 0.62%. So required 161 clicks for 1 booking.

Landing Page

The CPA data gave us enough evidence to demonstrate the potential savings a high converting landing page could offer.

We built a custom landing page specifically designed for this PPC campaign. All of the elements matched the Ad Campaign copy, such as Hero Title, Subheading, CTA’s, emotional trigger. Other features included, trust signals, customer reviews, a 2-min demo short video, and emphasis on ‘No Win No Fee’.

Both the header and footer menu were removed and all color schemes, and CTAs were matched.

CPA Performance: Conversion rate went from 0.62% up to 1.42%.

Campaign Results

With the campaign and landing page professionally optimized, were able to achieve the below improvements. We did this whilst staying on budget, inclusive of our management fees.

Google Ads: CPC reduced by 49%.
Landing Page: Conversion rate improved by 129%.
CPA: Reduced 78%.
Bookings: Increase from 1.7 to 6.2 per month.

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