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Frustrated Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Working?

Let’s discuss proven strategies during our free consultation that will get you more leads, improve conversion, and reduce costs.

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What to Expect From a Marketing Strategy Review

Initial Discovery Meeting

You will start with a 20-30 minute meeting with our Managing Director Ben Hilton. He will aim to gain a clear understanding of your objectives, current activity, budget, and competition. There will be a short questionnaire and of course, the opportunity for you to get to know us, and what we’re about.

In-Depth Marketing Audit

Then we take a deep dive into your current activity and look into the quality of your current digital assets. We audit your website’s SEO, landing pages, and organic traffic. We assess your social profiles, followers, and content. If you’re running Ad campaigns, we review their performance and the creative assets. Finally, we can assess your email marketing strategy, lead magnets, prospect database, and sales funnel.

We Develop A Winning Strategy

Led by Ben our Managing Director, our team of marketing professionals will get to work building an effective marketing strategy that meets your business objectives, and fits within your budget and time expectations. It will contain strategic recommendations, and tactical advice and outline any associated costs, along with potential challenges and opportunities.

Implement In-House or Work with us

You then have the option to take your strategy away and implement it in-house using your marketing team. Alternatively, you can choose to partner with us for some, or all of the implementation, taking advantage of our 20 years of experience in marketing.

We Can Solve Your Marketing Challenges

Over 67% of SMEs say they struggle to achieve satisfactory results with marketing, due to one of the following reasons:

More Leads

1. Need More Quality Leads

Higher Conversion rate

2. Need Higher Conversion Rates

Lack time and resources

3. Lack of Time
and Resource

Lack Cohesive Marketing Plan

4. Need Cohesive Marketing Strategy

We Take A Strategic Approach

Every business is unique, with different markets, objectives, budgets and expectations. Our approach to developing a strategy starts by looking at the bigger picture. Where will we find your ideal customer, how can we get their interest, and how will we get them to trust you and your brand, before we go in for the conversion.

Inbound strategic Marketing Funnel Diagram

Need a Marketing Department?

You can outsource any part of your marketing to us, getting the advantages of an experienced marketing team, on a small budget. We can support you with individual projects or provide a ‘done for you’ service, leaving you free to run your business.

Marketing Team Phone Stack
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Your Outsourced Marketing Team

SEO, Content, Digital Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Design & Brand, Web Dev, CRM, Automation…need anything else?

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We Take a Strategic Approach

Putting it all together within a cohesive system, to nurture and convert leads.

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Working with Familiar Faces

Partnerships are based around people, so you will have the same familiar face looking after your account.

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Regular Stakeholder Meetings

Be as involved or hands-off as you want. We will report back to you, keeping you in control.

“We’re not just an agency, we’re your Marketing Team”

Let’s Get Connected

Every digital marketing challenge has a solution.

Unsure where to go from here?

No problem…just book an informal 20-30 minute call with us, and we can advise you on the most effective marketing strategies for your business
Ben Hilton
Managing Director

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Fast, Free, No Obligation

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Our Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

With over 76% of searches starting on Google, no one can afford to overlook the importance of being found online. We have ranked thousands of web pages #1 on Google, helping our clients attract organic web traffic with high buying intent.

If you need more traffic or help recovering lost traffic, then get in touch and we’ll deliver an SEO campaign to get you to the top.

SEO Strategy
Content Writing
Link Building
SEO Audit
Technical SEO
Local SEO
search engine optimization seo
b2b outreach

B2B Lead Generation

Not got the time or resources to filter through 830 million LinkedIn users to find prospects, and build relationships? No problem, our LinkedIn lead generation service will deliver a predictable flow of qualified leads to your inbox or calendar every month.

With 50% of LinkedIn users accessing the platform less than once per month, we switch to email outreach. Using carefully scripted email sequences, and lead magnets to introduce your business, build trust, and open discussions with key decision makers.

LinkedIn Connections
LinkedIn Outreach
Prospect Nurturing
Prospect Targeting
Message Sequencing
Appointment Setting

Paid Digital Advertising

The top 3 adverts on Google attract 43% of all clicks. Don’t be the one who misses out.

Keyword research, creatives, audience targeting, remarketing, bid management, conversion tracking, optimization,… we can manage every aspect of your paid advertising campaign. Leaving your team to to get back to the day job, while we improve your return on Ad spend.

Read more about our paid Ads services, and tell us about your project.

Google PPC
LinkedIn Ads
Social Media Ads
Google Shopping
Social Icons

What Our Clients Say

Neil Aspen

CEO GM Roofing

improved our ROAS 2.2x

“Social Media Ads improved dramatically since we handed them to Switch Jam. It saved us a lot of admin time and improved our ROAS 2.2x”

Claire Akin

CEO Indigo Marketing

generated over 100 B2B Leads

“Switch Jam generated over 100 B2B leads for our agency, helping us grow our business significantly. Great results and good people too.”

houseplant resource center

Kristy Empol

Houseplant Resource Centre

organic traffic to over 110K views

“Like all online stores, SEO was our biggest issue. These guys have worked wonders. Growing our organic traffic to over 110K views per month.”

Performance in Numbers

Page Views
#1 Keywords
Client Leads

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