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Our SEO Services in Gloucester

Local seo

Local SEO Gloucester

For businesses trading within the Gloucester area, Local SEO is a cost-effective way to appear in Google’s local business listing, Google Maps, and organic search results.

First, we optimise you Google Business Profile in several way including categories and keyword rich copy. Then we create local citations in Gloucester’s business, before we optimise your website for location-based search terms, helping to rank your business in local organic search results.

These techniques have proven very effective, helping business that rely on local trade, such as cafes and bricks and mortar stores. It is also an excellent option for local service providers such as electricians or legal advisors who serve their local geographic area.

National Search engine optimization

National SEO

If your business operates with National or Multi-regional coverage, you will need a slightly more involved service. We may still incorporate Local SEO if you have multiple sites, but the primary goal is to rank for service or product search terms on a national level.

We can also target broader search terms to reach a wider audience, but National SEO also comes with higher levels of competition, so off-page SEO and Topical Authority become major success factors.

To overcome this, we work on your brand’s online presence through strategic backlinks, citations, and comprehensive content strategies, boosting visibility not just in Gloucester, but across the UK or even globally.

ecommerce search engine optimization

eCommerce SEO

If you own or manage one of Gloucester’s many eCommerce businesses, you have an opportunity to tap into a worldwide market with a well thought out SEO strategy.

eCommerce SEO comes with unique challenges that require a slightly different approach to Local or National SEO. Your eCommerce platform will typically need optimising to make it SEO friendly, improve page speed and crawlability. We then focus on optimising product pages and building blog content to improve your organic reach.

Product pages need product titles and descriptions refining, and issues fixing with duplicate or thin content. Our competitor research will also highlight your competitor’s domain authority, allowing us to improve your backlink profile and E-E-A-T.

You’re Just 3 Steps Away From Ranking Higher

Step 1. Book a Call Today

If your website isn’t achieving the success it deserves, it’s time to consult with your local SEO experts.

Step 2. Tailored SEO Strategy

In our discovery call, we’ll listen to your goals and aspirations, and create a strategy that will deliver your vision.

Step 3. Build More Traffic

While you concentrate on managing your business, we’ll be driving more high-converting traffic to your website.

Why Companies in Gloucester Need SEO

Every year, search engines develop and introduce new features, with the goal of improving the user search experience, by serving up dynamic search results. Innovations such as Feature Snippets and Google Business Reviews has resulted in over 76% of consumers starting their research online. Add to that the integration of AI in search engines during 2023, and its clear to see that SEO has become an essential marketing strategy for businesses.

Over 46% of Google searches result in consumers visiting to a physical store location, underlining the importance of SEO in boosting in-store footfall. Whether you’re a local business provider, an eCommerce store, or a national business based out of Gloucester, it’s time to embrace search engine optimisation as your primary marketing objective.

Position #1 in Google gets 10x more clicks than position #9


#1 Keywords

16+ million

Organic Page Views

4.2+ million

Words Published


Backlinks Built

Benefits of SEO

More In-Store Visits

Research demonstrates a strong correlation between high rankings in Google’s Local Search and improved in-store customers. Nearly half of the consumers performing local searches end up visiting the store.

Enhances Local Reputation

Businesses that rank at the top of Google are perceived to be more credible and trustworthy. Coupled this with positive customer reviews, and it will significantly boost local reputation and improve sales conversions.

Best ROI for Marketing Spend

Pound for pound SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy available, due to the lifetime value of your investment. Web content, your domain, and link building campaigns create long-lasting inherent value.

These digital assets will continue to be visible online for many years raising the profile of your services or products.

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Ben Hilton
Managing Director
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What Our Customers Say

Heritage Financial SEO Case Study

Heritage Financial Service offer a range of wealth management, investment advisory, retirement planning services. See full case study

Client Goals

  1. Expand their customer base nationwide to reach high net worth clients.
  2. Increase online visibility by ranking higher for high intent and keywords.
  3. Establish their brand as an authority in the financial advisory market, and become the go-to financial advisory firm for high-net-worth individuals.

SEO Techniques Used

On-Page Optimization
Content Creation & Marketing
Technical SEO
Backlink Building

Campaign Results


Organic Traffic Increase


Keywords on Page 1


High-Net-Worth Clients


Core Web Vitals


Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engines use over 200 ranking factors to determining where your webpage should appear in the search results, and each year the Google User Rater Guidelines become more and more complicated to interpret. This results in more business needing professional SEO support, as they aim to outperform the competition. Here’s how we approach SEO, so that we can make sure your business won’t be left behind

1.   Discovery Phase

Every successful SEO campaign begins with discovery. We get to know your business and listen to your objectives and ambitions. We then go ahead and conduct a deep audit of your website to understand your current situation.

Our audit includes competitor benchmarking, allowing us to build a strategy to put you ahead of them in search results.

We review their domain authority, and run a gap analysis on their content to identify unique topics or keyword opportunities. We are looking for high volume keywords that are low competition and display good user intent.

We use this information to begin formulating a winning content strategy to push your business to the top of Google, and ahead of your competition.

2.   Content Strategy

We focus our effort, and your budget, on content that will create value. First, we need to be able to rank it, second it needs to convert into sales and not just create page views.  

We audit your website content and create a topical map, to illustrate your site structure. During this process we also assess your content against Google Helpful Content guidelines and identify areas for improvement and on-page optimisation.

To finalise the plan, we map your current content, the new opportunities we have uncovered, and perform semantic and synonym routines to expand the dataset. Allowing us to create a set of interrelated categories associated with your industry.

Finally, we get to work prioritising content production based on topical authority requirements and potential clicks.

3.   Website Optimization

On-page optimisation involves squeezing every drop of SEO juice into each element of your webpage. From keyword density and placement, using semantics and heading tags, optimising metadata, and images.

At this stage we also focus on schema markup, navigation, user engagement, and internal linking. For technical SEO, we check your website is easy for search engines to crawl and index. Core Web Vitals are checked and fixed reducing CLS, page load time and improving mobile friendliness. Technical SEO is not the most exciting thing in the world, but its the foundations that all other SEO to works from.

4.   Building Authority

A website’s ‘authority’ is a term used to describe the reputation of a website, based on the quality and scope of its content, the backlink profile, and the online reputation of the company and its content creators.

Our content strategy handles the content element, so we just need to assess your off-page authority. To do this we audit your backlink profile and go to work identify toxic links and remove them. Before building strong powerful backlinks from high authority websites from within your industry. We get your brand name and business owners mentioned by respected media outlets, and work to improve your social media signals.

5.   Reporting and Communication

We appreciate SEO can be seen as a vague and foggy topic at times, so we aim to bring clarity and transparency to our client reporting. Your account manager will provide monthly reports detailing performance data, key changes, and progress, ensuring you’re always informed about how your business is performing online. We offer written reports or video reports… whichever suits works best for you.

What You Can Expect from Us

At the heart of our agency is a deep commitment to delivering results for our SEO clients throughout Gloucester. We get it…. when businesses choose to partner with us, you not just hiring an agency, you expecting a dedicated team, committed to improving your web traffic.

Tailored Solutions

No two companies are the same, that’s why we never offer a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, we listen to your objective, assess your current position, and offer a plan specifically tailored to match your ambitions.


Integrity, Transparency, and Communication all combine to create Trust. Switch Jam Digital has a preference to build long-term relationships with clients, so we work hard to gain and keep your trust. This brings improvements to our efficiency and results in a higher quality service.

Google Compliance

All our processes and tactics are designed to work within the current search engine guidelines and policies. We actively discourage using black hat techniques to achieve short-term low-cost results. Our 100% white-hat approach to SEO on occasion can take longer to see results, but we are working to protect your business to build long-term shareholder value.

Cutting-Edge SEO

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving space, so staying ahead of the curve is critical. Our team is continually updating their skill set, with training using innovative techniques that we test on our in-house portfolio of dummy test websites.

Full-Stack Marketing

With over 20 years of marketing experience, our leadership team has a diverse understanding of digital marketing, ensuring that clients benefit from a holistic approach. We often combine SEO, content creation, social media marketing, or paid advertising to help our clients reach their business goals.

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