Web Traffic Forecast

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Web Traffic Forecast
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How The Process Works

To accurately forecast the volume of organic traffic in your market, we start by understanding your industry, your services, and the locations you serve. Then we extract and model the forecast data, into a format to present back to you.

  1. Book an initial discovery call using the calendar below
  2. Our SEOs extract you industry data and build projections
  3. We schedule a second session to walk through the results

Book a short video call with one of our SEO consultants to answer the following questions about your business:

What markets do you serve B2B or B2C?
What is your industry?
What are your main services or products?
What geographic location(s) do you serve, for example, what countries, cities, states, or towns.
Who are your top 3 competitors that offer the same services or products that you offer?
What keywords would a customer in a Google search to find your company, products, or services?

Book Your Traffic Forecast

Our SEOs reverse engineer your competitors’ website to identify their source of organic traffic, and to discover synonyms or new keywords.

The traffic database is segmented into categories of traffic, depending on the source or keyword intent.

The final stage involves a follow up video call to present and explain the forecast data.

Within this discussion we will demonstrate the potential traffic available, what would be needed to acquire it, along with any associated costs and timescale.

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