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Why Use SEO Services in Cheltenham

76% of service and product enquiries start with online search. With 46% of resulting in a visit to a physical store or location. Can you afford to miss out? If you’re not already using professional SEO services, you can be sure your competitors are.

Get Your Website Found Online

We’ve ranked over two hundred thousand pages #1 on Google. Giving our clients a regular flow of web traffic every month.

Increase Traffic and Grow Your Business

More traffic, means more enquiries and more sales.
Stop thinking your website is a brochure. It’s a tool to generate new leads.

Don’t Let SEO Make Life Complicated

Most businesses don’t have the time, resource or knowledge to focus on the technicalities of SEO. That’s where we can help.

324% More Traffic Within 12 Months

On average our customers see their website traffic grow by 324% within the first year of working with switch jam digital.

SEO That Fits Your Business

Every businesses in Cheltenham is different, that’s why we provide a full range of SEO services to meet any business’s needs. Whether you’re a solicitor in Montpellier, a manufacturer on Kingsditch Trading Estate, or a national service provider based in the outskirts of town, our approach to SEO targets your specific audience and geographic reach.

Local SEO Cheltenham

If your business operates within Cheltenham or the surrounding area, we will focus on getting your business found in Local search.
We place more emphasis on local intent keywords such as “Solicitors in Cheltenham” targeting Google’s Map Pack and other business profiling features to match your business with searches performed by people based within your local region.

This model performs well for retail outlets, restaurants, legal or medical services, home service contractors, and other professional services located within the local area.

National SEO

National SEO

If your business has a broader reach and offers products or services that are not restricted by geographic location, a national or multiregional strategy will take advantage of wider audiences. This applies to online or remote service providers, distribution companies, B2B industries, and companies with multiple locations.

National SEO campaigns target a wider range of keywords and phrases. With additional emphasis on improving brand authority and subject expertise.

ECommerce SEO

e-Commerce SEO

Most eCommerce platforms are designed with shopping features in mind, not SEO. So they’re not the easiest websites to rank in search engines. They also bring complex issues to manage. Such as duplicate content, hundreds of product pages, as well complex site structure.

We love these challenges, our eCommerce SEO focuses on resolving these technicalities. While targeting keywords with high buying intent, bringing ‘ready to purchase’ traffic to your website landing pages.

We’re Built Different

Traffic Projection (1)

How We Forecast Web Traffic

We know ROI is a critic part of your decision making process, that’s why we built a traffic projection tool to illustrate how much organic traffic you can expect from Google, when working with Switch Jam Digital.

We reverse engineer your competitor’s web pages, keywords, traffic sources and backlink profile. This data is processed through traffic modelling program to generate an accurate forecast of how much traffic you can expect from implementing our SEO strategy. We also provide timescale and cost to complete the work.

It’s a risk-free approach to illustrate the opportunity in your market and the ROI, giving you the confidence to make an informed commercial decision.

SEO Services

We offer a full range of individual SEO services priced on a project basis, alongside our fully managed SEO packages.

Competitor Analysis

To formulate an SEO strategy to outcompete your competition in all aspects of SEO.

Keyword Research

Discover relevant keywords to boost your website’s search engine visibility and improve rank.

Content Creation

Schedule and produce high quality helpful content that is written by humans, for humans.

On-Page Optimisation

Optimise content pages for the best possible SEO performance. Product pages, info pages and local NAP.

Technical SEO

Audit and fix any technical problems affecting search engine crawling and indexing .

Core Web Vitals

Optimising website’s speed, responsiveness, and visual stability for better user experience and SEO.

Site Audit

Comprehensive website audit to identify and resolve any issues affecting SEO performance.

Link Building

Acquire high-quality authoritative backlinks to build search engine trust and boost traffic.

Toxic Backlink Audit

Identifying and remove harmful backlinks to reduce the risk of spam penalties.

Traffic Recovery

Investigate the root cause and implement solutions to help regain lost website traffic.

SEO Strategy

We create a comprehensive in depth SEO strategy to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Google My Business

Optimise your Google business profile for the best organic results in Cheltenham, including local pack, map pack and reputation management.

Schedule a Call with Ben

Let us audit your website free of charge, and demonstrate how much traffic you should be getting. Here’s what we will do:

Audit Your Website and Industry
Calculate Your Traffic Opportunity
Build an SEO Strategy Tailored to Your Business
One-2-One Support from our Senior Team
Our Clients Avg 324% Traffic Growth in 12 Months

Book a 20-30 minute informal discovery call with Ben to find out how Switch Jam Digital can help your business grow.

Managed SEO Packages

If you want to focus on running your business and take a hands-off approach, we offer a “Done For You” service. Our team of SEO experts will take care of everything, regularly monitoring, improving and optimising your website.

Consultation Meeting

We start by getting a clear understanding of your objectives and expectations.

Website Audit

Our SEOs take a deep dive into your inventory of content, technical checks, and site structure. We fix issues as we find them.

Research Phase

We research your industry and competitors to inform us on how to build a strategy for success.

On-Page Optimisation

We optimise existing content, getting the best from your existing assets. Keywords, meta data and internal links.

Content Strategy

Using your existing content and competitor info, we build a topical map, and get to work on content.

Off-Page Optimisation

We improve your site reputation through link building, social signals, brand signal and E-E-A-T.

Monitor and Improve

Our managed service is an on-going process of content creation, monitoring performance and improving.

Client Reporting

Every month you will receive an update on activity, performance and the next steps. We offer written and video reporting.

See Our Case Studies

Retail: E-Commerce

Company Name: Houseplant Resource Center
Size: 7 Employees
Location: California, USA

Search Engine Optimisation
Case Study Stats Box Template (4)

About the Client

Our client has built a strong social following as a houseplant specialist, author of numerus gardening books, and retailer of gardening products. Claire and her team have developed a large number of their own brand gardening products, as well as offering a membership scheme and plant care training courses to her audience.

Project Goal

Increase organic search traffic to the e-commerce website, using a combination of top of funnel ‘question’ search terms as well as ‘high intent’ product based search terms, with the objective of converting organic traffic into product sales.

The Results

When we started the site had circa 530 page view per day (15k per month). Over the first four months we worked on optimising the existing content and site structure, before we began building new content and backlinks. The site averages 91,000 page view per month (3k per day), with season peaks hitting 121k. That’s a 574% increase in organic traffic in just under 18 months.

web traffic chart

How We Did It

SEO Audit: First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s website to identify technical SEO issues, including no HTML sitemap, 303 errors, missing meta data, poor Core Web Vitals. Over 300 low quality backlinks were disavowed.

Keyword Research: Reverse engineered all traffic to five main competitors, to uncover over 1,000 new keyword topics, including plant care advice, houseplant products and split them into top of funnel and bottom of funnel. Identified all low competition search terms to go into content production.

Content Creation: Created high-quality, keyword-optimised blog posts, product pages, and landing pages that provided value to users and addressed common search queries. This focused on product roundup reviews, how-to guides, and product searches.

On-Page Optimisation: Improved over 200 pages with meta data, header tags, then we introduced an improved internal linking strategy by de-optimising over 300 anchor texts. Blog posts had citations included from high authority botanical sources. Product page content was increased to add more product synonyms.

Link Building: Implemented a white-hat link-building strategy to acquire over 50 high-authority backlinks from authority websites including homesandgardens.com, dailymail.co.uk, and thespruce.com, by responding to Journalists requests, and guest posting.

Performance Tracking: Used advanced analytics tools to monitor website traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. Regularly adjusted strategies based on performance data to ensure continuous improvement.

ECommerce SEO

Founder’s Comments

“Ben and his team know how to deep-dive into data to find pearls that I could not have imagined existed. In peak season we hit well over 120k organic page views per month now. ROI is more than satisfactory, allowing me to keep reinvesting to improve the traffic over a long term basis”.

Finance: Travel Insurance

Company Name: Withheld
Size: 23 Employees
Location: USA

Search Engine Optimisation
Case Study Stats Box Template (5)

About the Client

Our client has operated within travel insurance sector for well over 15 years and had established a good online presence. The website received 17,000 organic page view per month, up until October 2023 when they experienced a 60% decline in traffic.

Project Goal

To establish the root cause of the traffic decline. We knew Google had rolled out an algorithm update (Core Update) during October. Core Updates are complex, they’re a roll-up of all aspects of Google’s Core ranking criteria, so identifying an isolated root cause tends to be more difficult compared to Google updating specific systems, such as a Spam Brain, or Helpful Content.

The Results

Prior to the Google update the site had we started the site had circa 530 page view per day (15k per month), then traffic dropped to 200 page view per day (6k per month). From this low point we recovered the traffic over a 5 month period, and went on to increase it to a peak of just over 900 page views per day (27k per month). Representing a swing of 448%. On an annualised basis, the cost of this project offset against the profit gained from the traffic low point in October ’23, delivered an incredible 1837% ROI.

Insurance case study chart

How We Did It

Traffic Channels: The first action was to check Google Analytics to make sure the drop is indeed organic, and not another source such as paid traffic or referrals. Confirmed.

Technical Audit: We audited the technical set-up, looking for crawlability or indexing issues causing the sharp dop in traffic. We also check for Manual Action (Penalties). No issues were found so we knew the problem was related to the algorithm update.

Traffic Analysis: Next, we audited the traffic at page level to searching for patterns showing notable declines across similar types of content. If we can find one or two groups of similar content effected, this often helps identify a common weakness that we can isolate and fix. Unfortunately, in this case the drop was site-wide, so we needed a full content audit.

Content Audit: Overall, the content was written to a fair standard, and was technically accurate. However, it was written with the customer’s requirement as the primary focus, and failed to demonstrate how the Insurance provider resolved them. This is a clear omission in demonstrating Expertise and Experience, two key factors of Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines. This also carried through to other areas of the site.

Accreditation: E-E-A-T stands for Experience-Expertise- Authoritativeness-Trust. Given our client was operating within the Insurance industry, there was a clear shortage of demonstrable E-E-A-T contained on-site. No accreditation, no awards, not enough material around their achievements, compliance, and practical competency as a company or as individuals. So, this needed to be addressed, as an obvious weakness.

travel insurance seo case study

Off-Site Reputation: Search Engines look across the web to build up an understanding of an entity’s (website) reputation. Business records, customer reviews, key employee mentions, backlinks and even company social profiles play an important part with online reputation.

We ‘Claimed’ the client’s Google Business Profile and optimised it. We reached out to industry publications to submit digital PR based around industry statistics and thought leadership content, resulting in 37 high-authority backlinks. We harmonized all company Name, Address and Phone contact details indexed across all major Industry directories. We contacted the customer database to ask them to leave a constructive Google Review.

worldwide trips

Chief Marketing Officer’s Comments

“We went through a very challenge phase during Q4 2023 where we were preparing for serious financial complications following a large drop in our online business, that’s when we hired Switch Jam. It took a lot of work, trust, and time to recover…. We’re amazed to be where we are right now, and looking back at what could have been catastrophic to our business.”

What Our Customers Say


We’ve worked with Ben and his team for years. They have helped us gain over one hundred thousand organic visitors per month to our website, which has been instrumental in helping us grow our business.

Claire Akin, Houseplant Resource Center


We’ve used a few digital marketing agencies for our SEO and social media marketing, and we’re very happy with our relationship with Switch Jam. Tangible results, good reporting, and a nice team.

K Hislop, Hive IT


In just over 12 months Switch Jam have basically changed our understanding of marketing. I never thought email marketing with lead magnets would become so important to us. You don’t know, what you don’t know… until you work with people who do know!

Sam Kirby, Core-Tec Engineering

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